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Tenerife - The Centre of the Canaries

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and only four flight hours away from the centre of Europe. The island is the ideal destination for an unforgettable stay on tenerife. Many people from different nationalities come to Tenerife every year and spend a wonderful time here. The Canaries are located in the Western European Time zone (UTC+00:00 or GMT+00:00).

The highest mountain of Spain, the El Teide (3718 metres above the sea level) is situated on Tenerife. Due to its various landscapes, the island possesses various microclimates. For this reason it is sometimes referred to as the micro continent.

The total area of Tenerife amounts to 2036 square kilometres. The island is divided into thirty municipalities with different climates and a diversified flora and fauna. Tenerife is know as “the island of eternal spring” and offers numerous beaches and bays where the pleasant temperature can be enjoyed all year round.

The outdoor temperature averages eighteen degrees in January and twenty five degrees in August. The water temperature amounts to eighteen degrees in the winter and twenty three degrees in the summer. The outdoor temperatures are, of course, dependent on the altitude of the location.

Furthermore, the folklore of the island is very interesting. Especially, the carnival (the second biggest in the world) in the capital Santa Cruz has been attracting many people from all over the world for the last years. The absolute highlight of the carnival takes part on Ash Wednesday and is called The Burial of the Sardine. In terms of arts and crafts, especially works with clay enjoy a high popularity.