Internet Access via Wi-Fi

All our apartments and bungalows of the Finca La Gaviota as well as our den apartments in Alcala are equipped with internet access. Right now the download internet speed amounts to 3 Mb.

In case you want to use our Wi-Fi, you will need the access data. Please address us with this issue upon your arrival on Tenerife.

Wireless Ad-Hoc Network for Maximal Quality

For those among you who are interested in technology, here are a few facts to our wireless network in Alcala:

The asymmetric digital subscriber line with Telefonica is located in the basement of our house. Due to the way of construction of houses on Tenerife, an optimal wireless coverage for all floors with only one hotspot would not be possible. To ensure an ideal signal quality on all floors, we use four wireless mesh routers.

The Finca La Gaviota is equipped with a wireless flat-top antenna which ensures a broad coverage of the entire area.